Art Basel : 2007

New sculpture on the Goodman Gallery stand at Art Basel, June 13 - 17, 2007. All works on show are carved wood, sometimes painted or finished with wax.

Excessive narratives

Knowledge, the archive, what is written into public record and what is not, are abiding concerns for Clive van den Berg. He explores this theme is two ways, as a designer and curator of museum projects and other public spaces in the new South Africa, and as an artist working in his studio. In this collection of works which can be divided into books and figures the books speak the theme through the relationship between the book and archival or narrative excess which is excluded from it, as in the memorial rocks that build up behind the covers, or which cannot be contained by the order and authority of the pages and must flow from them as an uncontrollable force, or through characters which escape the pages of a book. The figurative sculptures also speak this theme in that they articulate narratives of the unconscious, repressed in the individual and beyond.

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