Gateway Public Sculpture

Clive van den Berg was awarded the Gateway Public Sculpture commission for a 5.5m concrete and plant work which was completed in 2007.
The concrete structure is planted with Highveld krantz plants; aloes, trees and grasses whose growth and seasonal changes are an integral part of the sculpture.This is an initiative of the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) and the Braamfontein Improvement District (BID )
Clive van den Berg artist's statement: "I started with a sense of what I did not want to do. Having worked in, studied and theorized public space for some years I knew that I did not want to make a heroic sculpture of the Mandela Square variety, nor a sculpture that would be too immediately located in time and place, like say a memorial to the Sharpeville Six. This is not a claim to the universal but rather an attempt to explore what for me are underlying and persistent themes; simply stated, the relationship we have to land, our need to find ways to share it, to understand and use it's resources and capacities, as well as it's historical, economic and cultural meaning. Eland places a large representation of an eland on a corner where it has long since disappeared. This slightly forlorn image of a majestic animal would I imagine bring beauty and grandeur to a busy place. I hope it would also be an emblem that prompts reflection on our relationship to the past, and to the interconnectedness of environmental, cultural and spiritual destinies. The gateway corner is a busy connector of lateral geography but what I am concerned with here is the geography of memory and the spirit."

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